LED Lamp Out of a Wine Bottle

Make This Cool LED Lamp by Drilling a Single Hole.

1Easily make this cool lamp with a wine bottle and a set of cheap AA battery powered LED string lights.


Go find yourself a nice wine bottle from your collection in the garage, (if you need to drink the wine first, it’s best to wait until thefollowing day before making the lamp lol!) Any shape or colour works really,the more exotic and colourful the better.Soak and scrape off any labels etc.


Gather together your drill and a glass cutting drill bit. Glass bits are cheap to buy at your local DIY store.


There are two ways to do this project…


Drill a hole big enough to thread the cable from your LED set through. Measure the size of the cable. I used 6mm in this one. or

Drill a hole big enough to thread the actual LED lamps into your bottle, measure the size of the lamps. These were 8mm or so.


I wanted to shorten the cable to the battery box anyway, so I opted for a small hole to thread the cable though, pulling the LEDs into the bottle from the top.






Drilling glass can be a little tricky, but the secret is to use water (or a light oil) to keep everything cool. You can make a little ‘moat’ around the hole using blue tack or plasticine to hold the water, although this only works until the tip has gone through the other side of the glass.Once the tip has gone through, just keep dipping the drill bit into the water/oil every few seconds or if the heat boils the water/oil away.

Drill the hole about 10mm or so up from the bottom of the bottle, not forgetting to keep dipping the drill bit into water/oil to keep everything cool. If your getting dust, you need more lubricant otherwise the drill bit can overheat and the heat could crack the glass.


Once you have a nice clean hole, give the bottle a good wash inside and out. Then thread a short length of string through the hole and out the neck of the bottle, tape the wires from the LED String light set to the string and pull them into the bottle and out of the hole you just drilled. Shorten the wires if necessary and reconnect the wires into the battery box using a soldering iron or just bare the ends and twist them together and tape up to protect them. Thread the LEDs into the bottle one by one through the top and jiggle them around into an even spread.

If you opted for the larger hole, simply thread the LED lamps into the bottle through the hole until they are all in!


Once the lamps are inside the bottle you can use a hot glue gun to fill in the hole and hold the cable in place. If you find that the LED string sinks down into the bottom of the bottle over time, you can use a bent wire to pull them back up again and even use the hot glue gun again to stick some of the cable inside the top of the bottle (where the cork came from) to stop them slipping back down again as you move the lamp around.

Finally, pop some good batteries into the box, find a dark spot and ta da. Have fun!

Post time: Aug-30-2019