How to use a reed diffuser ?

It you’re familiar with reed diffusers, you know that no matter the season, you’ll be able to enjoy nature’s freshest scents. With JT reed diffusers, you can enjoy a plethora of different fragrances with scents such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mandarin Coriander or Goldleaf Gardenia.

If you love fragrance diffusers, you truly will not want to miss out on these delectable scents that freshen up your home!

For those new to reed diffusers, here’s a quick primer on their beautiful bounty of benefits, with a few tips on getting the most fragrant bloom.


JT reed diffusers are an elegant, flame-free way to spread your favorite home fragrance throughout your environment. That’s because reed diffusers require no heat source to release wonderful aroma, making them safe for use in classrooms, offices and homes—especially those with small children. (Still, common sense cautions apply: keep them up and away from little hands and paws.)

How do reed diffusers work? By wicking scented diffuser oil from inside the bottle, carrying it to the top surface of the reeds and releasing the fragrance into the air. Contained in artfully designed glass containers, they make an appealing accent for almost any décor.


Tips on care and tending for your reed diffuser:

1.Choose the right vessel.

Many reed diffuser containers look great, but they don’t all throw fragrance effectively.

If you use your own vessel, select one with the right proportions. The reeds should extend from the vessel at least as much as the vessel’s height, but not so much that they’re apt to topple over.

2.Place in the right spot.

Air movement from outside or the motion of your household helps circulate the scent, creating the ideal “throw” of fragrance. You may need to make adjustments if your room has an active A/C, air-exchange system or frequent door usage to the outside.

3.Flip your reeds.

Rattan reeds work to wick the scented oils from the container to the air, producing the fragrant impact you desire. By flipping them regularly, you’ll keep the scent at its freshest and most fragrant.

4.Adjust scent to the desired intensity.

To either heighten or lessen the fragrance level, simply increase or decrease the number of reeds placed in your vessel.

5.Refresh your reeds regularly.

Once the reeds become saturated, their cells get clogged, reducing their ability to wick and throw fragrance. And placing used reeds into another fragrance diffuser oil will impede a pure scent transfer. Reeds can be easily replaced, so be sure to keep some on hand.




Post time: Dec-02-2019